Myka Stauffer Once Said Her Child Huxley Was “Not Returnable” Before Rehoming Scandal

Myka Stauffer is back in the spotlight. The YouTuber had made headlines in 2020 after it was revealed that she and her husband, James, had rehomed their adopted child, “Huxley,” nearly three years later, due to difficulties managing his special needs care. The controversy blew up on social media, leading Myka to apologize on various social media platforms. In a lengthy Instagram post, which has since been the last post on the social media personality’s page, the 37-year-old wrote in part, “I apologize for being so naïve when I started the adoption process, I was not selective or fully equipped or prepared.” Now, four years later, the controversy is being reexamined in a new Vox Media Studios documentary titled, “An Update On Our Family,” which explores the family vlogging industry and also highlights a moment from 2017 before the adoption in which Myka had reportedly said Huxley is “not returnable.” “I don’t know what his medical diagnosis is gonna look like. How much schooling will he need? Will he need a little bit more hands on? Will he be delayed? But if anything, my child is not returnable.”