NASCAR’s Jimmie Johnson’s Parents-In-Law & 11-Year-Old Nephew Found Dead In Suspected Murder-Suicide

Three family members of NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson have died in what police reportedly suspect to be a murder-suicide. Authorities confirmed Tuesday that Jack and Terry Janway, who are Jimmie’s parents in-law, and eleven-year-old Dalton Janway, who is Jimmie’s nephew, had been found dead in Oklahoma. According to a Muskogee Police Department press release, police received a 911 call that someone had a gun amid a disturbance. When arriving on scene, officers saw an individual laying in the hallway, then heard a gunshot from further inside the house. They soon after determined the person in the hallway had died; during a search of the residence, two more people were found dead. According to multiple outlets, police say the incident is being investigated as a murder suicide and that investigators believe Terry allegedly shot and killed her husband and grandson.