Oprah Winfrey Reveals The Most Romantic Thing Longtime Love Stedman Graham Has Ever Done For Her

Oprah Winfrey is sharing a sweet detail about her love story with Stedman Graham! The talk show legend stopped by Drew Barrymore’s daytime show for a fun interview, during which she revealed her partner’s most romantic gesture. Oprah shared that Stedman once went above and beyond on Valentine’s Day, making sure she got love from more than just him! “When we had five dogs, now we’ve lost four of them, on every Valentine’s Day, he would sit down and write cards from each of the dogs to me, and each of the dogs would send their own bouquet,” she gushed. Stedman kept up the gesture for a few years, and Oprah joked that – as sweet as it was – she was eventually ready for something new! “But after the fifth year, I was like, ‘OK, you need to move on to something else. I got the card – that’s nice, that’s nice,’” she quipped.