Oprah Winfrey Reveals Why She Hasn’t Tried Ozempic: ‘That’s The Easy Way Out’

Oprah Winfrey is getting candid about Ozempic and weight loss. The 68-year-old recently hosted “The State Of Weight” panel as part of Oprah Daily’s “The Life You Want” series at the Hearst Tower in New York City. During the open conversation, she shared her thoughts on the latest Hollywood weight loss trend, the FDA-approved prescription drug for people with Type 2 diabetes. “Shouldn’t we all just be more accepting of whatever body you choose to be in? That should be your choice,” Oprah declared. “Even when I first started hearing about the weight loss drugs, at the same time I was going through knee surgery, and I felt, ‘I’ve got to do this on my own.’ Because if I take the drug, that’s the easy way out.'” Despite not addressing if she has ever, or would ever try the medication, also known as Wegovy and Mounjaro, Oprah went on to slam people who criticize anyone who takes it. “It should be yours to own and not to be shamed about it. As a person who’s been shamed for so many years, I’m just sick of it,” she said.