Oprah Winfrey Sets The Record Straight On Recent Emergency Room Visit

Oprah Winfrey is setting the record straight on her health after her friend Gayle King’s headline-making comments. On Tuesday’s “CBS Mornings,” Gayle shared that Oprah couldn’t make it to the show to announce her newest book club selection after battling a stomach virus. “She had some kind of stomach thing, stomach flu, where stuff was coming out of both ends. I won’t get too graphic, but needless to say, she ended up in the hospital, dehydration, had to get an IV, so it was a very serious thing,” she shared. Later, Oprah and Gayle clarified in a video shared on Instagram that Oprah merely went to the emergency room to get an IV drip for dehydration caused by the virus. The pals also discussed the way Gayle shared the information on air, making it clear that the two were on the same page.