‘Outer Banks’ Star Austin North Speaks Out After Arrest Over Alleged Hospital Attack

Austin North is breaking his silence following his reported arrest for allegedly attacking staff at a hospital. According to a police report obtained by TMZ, North was arrested and booked for gross misdemeanor battery on Feb. 13 after allegedly assaulting several people working in a Las Vegas emergency room. North broke his silence on the situation in an Instagram Stories statement on Feb. 15, writing, “I am deeply upset by the events that took place in Las Vegas this past week. My friend drove me to the hospital because I thought I was having a heart attack. Several tests were taken, including blood, which came back negative for any drugs or alcohol in my system. I was having a severe anxiety attack. I have very little memory of the events that day at the hospital. I have the utmost respect for healthcare workers and hospital staff. I have battled anxiety on and off for years and this was the most extreme panic attack I’ve ever had. Going forward, I hope to shed light on this debilitating disorder and send hope to those who have also struggled.”