Paris Hilton Says ‘The Simple Life’ Reboot Will Feature Her & Nicole Richie’s Kids

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are ready to go back to “The Simple Life.” The two announced earlier this year that they are rebooting their iconic show on Peacock and Paris told Access Hollywood how she and Nicole decided it was time to bring it back. “We were just talking about it and it’s the 20-year anniversary of such an iconic and special show and we just came up with the most fun concept so it’s going to be amazing just to be back together and shoot this for everybody,” she said before revealing the show will feature her and Nicole’s kids. “Yes. I’m loving our mom era, it’s the best,” she said. Speaking of motherhood, the 43-year-old talked how it’s been saying, “It’s the best. I’m so grateful for my beautiful family. Phoenix and London are such angels. It’s so cute watching them grow up together and I just, I’ve never been happier in my life, this has just been the best years of my life.”