Paris Hilton Speaks Out After 5 Men Were Arrested In Alleged U.S. Teen Abuse Case: ‘I Will Find You’

Paris Hilton is using her spotlight to hold people accountable. The 43-year-old entrepreneur took to her TikTok on April 7 to weigh in on the investigation regarding the several American boys that were allegedly abused while attending Atlantis Leadership Academy, a boarding school in Jamaica. According to the Jamaican Observer, five men were arrested on April 5 in connection to the alleged abuse at the Atlantis Leadership Academy. “I hope this really sets a precedent that if abuse happens, arrests will be made,” Paris said on her TikTok. Although five people are in custody, the 43-year-old mom of two gave a stern warning on her TikTok. “I really hope that this is a lesson to people out there that if you are abusing children, I will find out. I will find you,” she said. “I will come with my huge spotlight and shine it on wherever you are because people are not going to get away with this anymore. Enough is enough and it has to stop.”