Pink Kicks Out Concertgoer For Protesting Circumcision At Show: ‘Do You Feel Good About Yourself’

Pink is not tolerating any controversial statements at her shows. On Monday, the 44-year-old singer kicked out a man in the audience of her San Antonio Summer Carnival Tour stop for disrupting the show with a sign that read: “circumcision: cruel and harmful.” The Grammy winner was performing the concert’s acoustic set when the man stood in front of the stage with the sign, which got a quick response from the songstress. “You need to get that out of here. Get it out. Get that cancer out,” she said. Thankfully the incident didn’t ruin the vibe! After the man left, Pink cracked some jokes with the audience. This isn’t the first time Pink’s had interesting encounter on her tour. Back in June, a fan threw a clear plastic bag filled with their dead mom’s ashes on stage while she was performing in London.