Pink Reveals She Almost Died Of A Drug Overdose Weeks Before Signing First Record Deal

Pink is sharing new insight into one of her most difficult chapters. The superstar reflected on her teenage struggles in an interview with “60 Minutes” that aired Oct. 22, sharing about a near-death experience that occurred just weeks before she landed her first record deal at 16. Pink revealed that she overdosed at a rave over the Thanksgiving holiday in 1995 and the frightening ordeal marked her last bout with hard drugs. The now-44-year-old mom of two explained that she had been “off the rails” at the time, recalling a strained relationship with her parents and having dropped out high school. The singer, of course, went on to become one of modern pop music’s biggest successes and cherishes her relationship with her family. Despite her Summer Carnival tour selling a reported $350 million in tickets in 2023, however, the singer discussed why she still feels like an underdog in her industry.