Podcaster Madison McGhee ‘Will Do Anything’ To Solve Father’s Murder

Madison McGhee was 6 years old when her father, John Cornelius McGhee, died. More than two decades later, the mystery surrounding his death is still unsolved, but now Madison is determined to find answers with her podcast “Ice Cold Case.” Madison revealed to Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall how learning at age 16 that her dad didn’t die from a heart attack but “that he was murdered” changed her life forever. “It almost made me feel like I was a liar and made me kind of re-evaluate everything about myself,” she told Access. That’s when she decided to start her own investigation into her father’s death, which she details in her podcast. “I will do anything to solve my dad’s murder. Quite literally anything,” she told Access. “Ice Cold Case” is out now anywhere you listen to podcasts. Madison told Access exclusively that Part 2 will be released in 2024.