Pregnant Sofia Richie Screams In Cute Video After Finding Out She’s Having A Girl

Sofia Richie’s baby girl is already something to scream about! The pregnant model shared a cute video of the moment she and husband Elliot Grainge learned they are expecting a daughter. In the clip, Sofia and Elliot were hilariously stunned when a party popper sprayed pink confetti throughout their backyard. While the record executive appeared speechless, Sofia took her shock to another level and let out a high-pitched squeal that even startled the family dogs! The 25-year-old poked fun at the unforgettable moment in her TikTok caption and jokingly apologized to those who may have overheard. “Sorry to all my neighbors for the horrifying scream,” she wrote. Sofia and Elliot went on to share a heartwarming embrace as she told him how “excited” she is to welcome a little girl.