Prince Harry Calls Out Piers Morgan After Settling Phone Hacking Case

Prince Harry has settled his remaining phone hacking case with the Mirror Group Newspapers. His lawyer announced the settlement to a London court on Friday revealing that the British tabloid will pay the royal at least 400,000 pounds, which is $505,000, in legal fees and damages, according to the New York Times. The settlement comes two months after a London judge found the publisher guilty of “widespread and habitually” hacking the Prince’s phone. “We have uncovered and proved the shockingly dishonest way in which the Mirror acted for so many years,” Harry said in a statement read by his attorney, David Sherborne, outside the high court. In the fiery statement, he also calls out Piers Morgan, who was editor of the Mirror Group between 1995 and 2004. Piers spoke to reporters outside his home on Friday and directly responded to Harry’s statement, calling him out for “invading the privacy of the royal family.”