Prince Harry May Honor Queen Elizabeth ‘Behind Closed Doors’ On Death Anniversary, Royal Expert Says

How will the royal family honor Queen Elizabeth on the anniversary of her death? Charlie Lankston, US Associate Editor, spoke with Access Hollywood about how King Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry may be honoring the late royal on Sept. 8. “I think that (Harry) will choose to honor the Queen privately and behind closed doors. I think Harry is very much aware at this point that whenever he attends any form of royal events back in London, it doesn’t really do him much good. Now, we do understand that Charles and Harry are broaching the idea of having peace talks in an attempt to kind of, you know, repair the rift that has been going on for so long now. But I think until some kind of resolution is reached, it doesn’t make sense for Harry to be there at these big royal events, particularly not ones that honor the queen, because Harry’s mere presence takes attention and focus away from what that event is really supposed to be about, which is honoring the queen’s memory and her legacy,” she shared.