Princess Kate Middleton’s Sweet Response To Kids After Politely Declining Autograph Requests

Princess Kate Middleton knows exactly how to handle this royal rule. According to multiple reports, the 41-year-old royal politely declined to give her autograph to school children during a surprise visit to the Chelsea Flower Show in London on Monday. Kate joined some kiddos to identify bugs and beetles on a wall and the children asked for the Princess of Wales to sign their drawings, but People reports that she responded: “I can’t write my name, but I can draw.” The royal drew a flower, a tree and a pond surrounded by plants for three different children, but when asked again why she couldn’t hand out her autograph she said, “My name’s Catherine. I’m not allowed to write my signature, it’s just one of those rules.” Royal family members traditionally have always avoided signing autographs given the risk of forgery, according to The Daily Express.