Priyanka Chopra Reflects On Her Motherhood Approach: I Come From A Line ‘Of Really Strong Moms’

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is narrating a nature documentary! The actress spoke to Access Hollywood about being the voice behind “Tiger,” a Disneynature film that follows a young tigress raising her cubs in the forests of India. Priyanka shared what inspired her to take part in the project and reflected on the majesty of the creatures. Plus, when asked if she related to the tiger’s fierceness as a protective mama, she shared, I think I related to that in multiple ways. My mom was like that with me – extremely protective and just a very – like, you wouldn’t want to mess with her or mess with me, because you know my mom would come. And I feel like– I mean, it’s too early, but I feel like I might be turning into that kind of mom, too. But my mother was like that. My grandmother was like that. I come from a long lineage of really strong moms.” “Tiger” begins streaming April 22 on Disney+.