Race Car Driver Ashlea Albertson Dead At 24 In Alleged Road Rage Incident Months Before Wedding Day

Ashlea Albertson’s friends and family are mourning the loss of the Tony Stewart Racing driver. The 24-year-old died in a car accident on Friday and her father cried as he shared the news with the world on her Facebook page. Tony Stewart reacted to the heartbreaking update on Instagram. “Today, I lost a teammate. @ashdog_racing had an infectious personality and could light up any room. She was a great race car driver that was involved in a road rage accident and lost her life. In the past, I’ve also gotten caught up in road rage. I hope that we can honor Ashlea by controlling what we can control on the highway. Losing her is a sobering reminder of how precious life is. Please join me in keeping her family and friends in your prayers,” the NASCAR legend said. The Indiana State Police confirmed harrowing details from the crash on Facebook, which point at a potential road rage incident. “Evidence from the scene, including video footage captured by another vehicle, indicated that the two drivers began accelerating rapidly and refused to allow the other vehicle to pass,” authorities said. The police added that Ashlea was in a white 2018 GMC Terrain driven by Jacob Kelly, when a 22-year-old driver’s vehicle began to change lanes into their path. Authorities say that Jacob lost control of his vehicle and spun out, resulting in the two cars colliding. Jacob and Ashlea’s car rolled, and she was ejected. He was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and after arriving at the hospital, she was pronounced dead. The two people in the other car were also treated for non-life-threatening injuries. As the investigation into the incident continues, their family said on Facebook that Ashlea was engaged to Jacob and was set to marry him in March, People reports. “This is one of the hardest posts that I could possibly make,” Ashlea’s dad said on her Facebook page.