Rachel Bilson Reveals Past Flirting Fail With Justin Timberlake: ‘I Can’t Tell This Story’

Rachel Bilson is reminiscing on a failed flirtatious moment with Justin Timberlake. The 42-year-old actress opened up to guest stars Tammin Sursok and Roxy Manning on her podcast “Broad Ideas” about how her best friend and co-host Olivia Allen wasn’t the best wingwoman when they first met the pop star many years ago. “We were all at a party, or something, and he was there and I was so obsessed with him. I can’t tell this story,” Rachel started. Though the “Hart of Dixie” star was hesitant to continue, Olivia jumped in to share how she blew her bestie’s big moment with Justin. “We were making friends with him. I got drunk and embarrassed myself a little because he was trying to flirt with Rachel. I was drunk and I sat in between them. I was just drunk and wanted to keep talking to him,” Olivia revealed. The flirting never went further for the pair, as Justin married Jessica Biel in 2012 and Rachel was engaged to Hayden Christensen before they called it quits in 2017.