Rachel Leviss Explains Why She Quit ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Following Scandoval

Rachel Leviss is sharing her side of the story. Months after her shocking affair with co-star Tom Sandoval rocked the Bravoverse, the 29-year-old is opening about the “horrible scandal” in her new podcast “Rachel Goes Rogue.” In a new teaser for the pod, the reality star, who went by Raquel prior to the fallout from sleeping with her friend Ariana Madix’s boyfriend, explained why she will not be returning to “Vanderpump Rules” next season. “Being involved with somebody’s boyfriend while they’re still in a relationship is a huge betrayal and so painful as it is, but then to continue working with these people… and seeing the person that you loved so much and you thought they loved you just as much as you loved them, be conversing with this other person, it would just be so catastrophic, and I didn’t want to do that to Ariana. I didn’t want to put her in that position,” she explained.