Rihanna & Natalie Portman Gush Over Meeting Each Other At Paris Fashion Week

Rihanna and Natalie Portman fangirling over each other is everything! The music mogul and the Hollywood icon had an adorable encounter behind-the-scenes at the Dior Haute Couture Show in Paris on Monday and their excitement to meet each other is next level. Rihanna embraced Natalie into a giant hug and gushed over the actress being “one of the hottest b*****s in Hollywood forever” and Natalie revealed how she listens to the “Diamond” songstress all the time! The two posed for photos together and Rihanna made sure everyone knew that she doesn’t “get excited about anyone,” but she seemed to be over the moon excited to meet the “May December” star. For their fashion show ensembles, both starlets rocked all-black outfits, with Rihanna opting for a puffy black skirt and coat with a statement belt and a baseball cap made from the same puffer material, while Natalie look so cute in a black lace mini dress with an oversized blazer on top.