Ruby Franke’s Disturbing Journal Entries Revealed After Her Prison Sentence In Child Abuse Case

Disturbing new evidence has been revealed in the Ruby Franke case. Content warning: the following story contains descriptions of child abuse. Prosecutors released the convicted YouTuber’s hand-written diary entries following her prison sentence on multiple counts of felony child abuse. In the heavily redacted documents, obtained by Access Hollywood on March 26, Franke described months of abuse inflicted primarily on two of her six children. Franke repeatedly claims throughout the entries that she believed one of the children was demonically possessed. In one passage, Franke wrote that it was a “big day for evil” and detailed holding her hand “tightly” over the child’s nose and mouth after he was pushed into water, which she claimed was intended to help him. Another entry recounts Franke cutting off another child’s hair and dousing her in the “dog wash.” Franke also described the girl as being “manipulative” and wanting to “run away.” In February, Franke received four consecutive prison sentences for one to 15 years each, but according to Utah law, the maximum sentence cannot exceed 30 years total. Weeks earlier, she pleaded guilty to four counts of aggravated child abuse. Her lawyer has said she doesn’t plan to appeal her sentence.