Ryan Gosling & Emily Blunt Spill On Their Taylor Swift Fandom & Epic ‘Fall Guy’ Fight Scenes

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt revealed their craziest moments and mutual love for Taylor Swift on the set of their new film “The Fall Guy.” Chatting with Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall, Ryan, who plays a stuntman in the film, recounted falling off a 12-story building despite being afraid of heights. The actors also talked about Emily’s stunt nickname as Ryan raved how “freakishly good” she was at the fight scenes. The co-stars also recalled a scene where Ryan cries to a Taylor Swift song and both A-listers admitted they are huge Swifties. Ryan and Emily went on to note how they didn’t know each other well before working together on the film. “This movie truly wouldn’t be this movie without Emily,” Ryan said, before Emily joked that she only got the part after “Margot turned it down,” referring to Ryan’s “Barbie” co-star. “The Fall Guy” is only in theaters May 3.