Ryan Phillippe ‘Feeling Thankful’ About ‘Breaking Addictions’ During His Sobriety

Ryan Phillippe has a lot to celebrate. On Thursday, the 49-year-old actor told fans he hit a milestone in his sobriety journey, revealing on Instagram that Sept. 13 marks the longest he’s gone without substances. “Officially the longest I’ve gone since I was a teen without some kind of nicotine or marijuana in my system (among other things…),” he wrote on alongside a mirror selfie. “Feeling thankful for the freedom that comes with breaking addictions and dependency on substance. Sobriety, clarity, and spiritual connectedness feels real good.” The “Cruel Intentions” star even made a joke about his sobriety on his Instagram Story telling fans, “My only remaining addictions are toothpicks & self-improvement.” The candid post comes four days after “The Lincoln Lawyer” star celebrated his 49th birthday.