Ryan Reynolds Reveals His Daughters Have Playdates With John Krasinski & Bradley Cooper’s Kids

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s daughters have a solid squad of girlfriends! At the New York premiere of “IF,” Ryan revealed to Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall that his daughters love to have playdates with John Krasinski and Bradley Cooper’s daughters. “My kids are very close with Bradley’s daughter and John’s two kids, and they all play and hang out and they worship at the altar of Hazel and Violet, John’s kids,” he said. Speaking of friends, the “Deadpool” star revealed his favorite song off his pal Taylor Swift’s new album “The Tortured Poets Department.” Plus, Ryan gushed over John’s brilliant script for their film “IF,” which John wrote as a love letter to his daughters. “The bond between a parent and a child is actually so much for complex, I think, then what people give it credit for. I think that John wrote a beautiful script and a really beautiful love letter to both childhood and adulthood in one movie,” he said. “IF” hits theaters May 17.