Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York Says Princess Diana Would Love Her Grandkids: We’d ‘Have A Gran Off’

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, believes the late Princess Diana would have loved being a grandmother to her five grandkids. “She’d be so proud of her boys and the grandchildren. She’d be eating them up and also, I think that we’d probably have a gran off,” she told Access Hollywood’s Kit Hoover at Ladurée in Beverly Hills. The 63-year-old royal also gushed over seeing her two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, as mothers. The Duchess also recalled first meeting the late Lisa Marie Presley and their special trip to Hawaii. Plus, she talked about mourning Queen Elizabeth and taking care of her corgis. “I’ve really missed her badly in the recent months. You know what it was, it’s like someone had an invisible hand behind your back. She just was always there,” she said. The Duchess’ latest book, “A Most Intriguing Lady: A Novel,” is available March 7 wherever books are sold.