Scarlett Johansson Dishes On Husband Colin Jost’s Olympic Gig in Tahiti: ‘Living The Sweet Life’

Scarlett Johansson’s latest film “Fly Me To The Moon” is almost here! Speaking with Access Hollywood’s Emily Orozco at the New York premiere on July 8, the Academy Award nominee dished on the upcoming feature, which she both produces and stars in alongside costar Channing Tatum. “I was not planning on being in the film, but the script came in and it was so fresh and the character of Kelly was undeniably great,” the 39 year old revealed, adding, “I think I would have been jealous if somebody else had played her – much to my producing partners delight, probably.” Scarlett also joked about her relationship with her A-list costar, telling Access, “I feel like I’m constantly caught in like the worst situation whenever I see him. We did “The Tonight Show” earlier [and] I hadn’t seen Channing in a while, and of course, when do I see him? When I’m like wearing a bathrobe and fluffy slippers.” Plus, the actress reacted to her husband Colin Jost’s upcoming Olympic reporting gig in Tahiti covering the surfing competition. “That’s not the kind of job that I’m used to,” she teased, adding, “Yeah, he’s living the life – he’s living the sweet life.” “Fly Me To The Moon” hits theaters July 12.