Scarlett Johansson Says It Was ‘Wonderful’ Having Son Cosmo On Set Of ‘Asteroid City’

Scarlett Johansson is opening up about shooting “Asteroid City” eight weeks after giving birth to her son Cosmo. “On the eight-week mark [postpartum] I was on the plane to Spain. But it was wonderful because I got to share my infant son with everybody on set and who doesn’t want to be around like a tiny, tiny little brand-new person. It was very, very wonderful,” she told Access Hollywood. The Oscar nominee also admitted how grateful she is to be able to bring her child on set. “I mean I feel very fortunate because I have a lot of friends who are working moms and they go back to work, you know, just a couple of months after giving birth and they don’t get to bring their babies on set…so I really feel very lucky to be working in that kind of environment where that is possible,” she added. Scarlett also revealed her Father’s Day plans with husband Colin Jost. “Asteroid City” hits select theaters on June 16 and opens wide June 23.