‘Sister Wives’: Christine, Janelle & Meri Hit Back At Kody Saying Wives Can Leave If They’re Unhappy

Meri, Christine and Janelle Brown have thoughts on the way Kody Brown spoke about his relationships. In an exclusive sneak peek at “Sister Wives Look Back (How It’s Going),” a special lookback episode of the hit reality series, the three women all react to a clip of Kody talking about the “immense pressure” he feels to satisfy the “emotional needs of a wife that I have sometimes no interest in satisfying.” “It makes me wonder if people … who’ve been unhappy for so many years couldn’t just leave and go find something that made them happy, instead of sitting and badgering me about how I’m not doing it right anymore,” he says. In reaction, Christine says Kody should “have some accountability,” and Janelle says Kody was “tired of being responsible for all of us,” adding, “You shouldered this. You promised. You covenanted. We all are here because you said, ‘I want a plural marriage.'” “Sister Wives Look Back (How It’s Going)” premieres Dec. 31 at 10/9c on TLC.