‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Addresses Why He Never Told Meri Brown How He Felt

The drama continued on part three of “Sister Wives One On One” and this time Meri’s relationship with Kody was front and center. Fans finally got to hear how Meri felt after Kody told cameras in 2022 that he didn’t consider them married. The episode also focused a lot on Kody’s mental health, featuring clips of the 54-year-old saying in a confessional that he “hates” his life right now. Although Meri admits she doesn’t know why he is in this mental state, his happiness doesn’t concern her anymore. Aside from Kody another major topic of discussion was Robyn. Christine and Janelle both shut down Kody’s claims that they bully Robyn and Janelle and Christine explained why they won’t be her friend. “Well, I don’t trust her. I think she says one thing but does another. How can you say you want the whole big family picture but then do all these separate things with Kody,” she said.