‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Calls Christine Brown ‘Sh** Sister Wife’ For Assumption About Robyn Brown

Christine Brown’s love life was a main topic on part four of “Sister Wives: One on One,” specifically, her then fiancé, David Woolley. Her ex-husband, Kody Brown, talked about meeting her new man and admitted he thinks it’s a “good match.” But although Kody has nothing bad to say about David, his relationship with Christine has been messy since their split.” What bothers me is her disposition towards me,” he said. “That she laughs. Mocks my suffering and laughs about it… She’s just kind of teasing, pushing buttons, being a mean girl.” While chatting with the host Sukanya Krishnan, she defended her actions during her lunch with Kody. When looking back at their marriage Kody admitted it isn’t Christine’s fault things didn’t work out. Well now that Christine, Janelle and Meri have left Kody, he only has Robyn left and Christine thinks Robyn doesn’t want to share Kody anymore. But Kody quickly called Christine out for that comment, criticizing her as a sister wife. “I don’t think Christine knows Robyn at all. She’s never tried, she’s never been there. She was a sh** sister wife. She’ll probably, and I hope, be a very good wife for David,” he said.