‘Stranger Things’ Fan Claims Dacre Montgomery Catfish Convinced Her To Divorce Husband

One “Stranger Things” fan is coming forward with their celebrity romance they believed to be real – until they found out it wasn’t. A Kentucky woman named McKala appeared on the YouTube channel “Catfished” and claimed that a scammer convinced her they were the actor Dacre Montgomery, who played Billy on the Netflix hit. McKala recalled meeting the person in an online artists’ forum and being initially skeptical over their alleged identity, but she ended up divorcing her husband and sending the impostor $10,000 over the course of the relationship. Neither Dacre himself nor his reps have issued comment on the story. McKala shared why she thinks the scammer was able to dupe her despite her original suspicions and how her personal history played a role. “Love makes you do crazy stupid irrational things, I promise. And trauma does one heck of a thing to a person. If you’re someone like me, you’re afraid of abandonment and you’re a real big people pleaser and you’re very co-dependent. These scammers, they just kind of come in and they leech off that.”