Survivor 46: Bhanu Gopal Breaks Down His Emotional Exit, Why He Told Q & Tiffany About His Journey

This week on “Survivor,” Bhanu Gopal exited the game without a formal vote at tribal council when it became clear that Q, Tiffany and Kenzie were all writing his name down and there was no shot in the dark to save him. Bhanu spoke to Access Hollywood about his emotional journey in the game, including his attempts to save himself after Yanu’s immunity challenge loss. Plus, he shed light on his decision to tell Q and Tiffany what told Ben and Liz about their tribe dynamics at the journey, shared what he really thought of Q’s coaching sessions and revealed if he would have stayed loyal to Yanu or aligned with players from other tribes at a potential swap or the merge. Bhanu also shared why he has “no regrets” about his game decisions and what he took away from his experience. “Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.