Survivor 46: Jem Hussain-Adams Talks Feeling ‘Betrayed’ By Tribe, Reacts To Charlie & Maria’s Alliance

This week on “Survivor,” Siga was sent to its first tribal council, leading to Jem Hussain-Adams being voted out 4-2 with an idol in her pocket. Jem talked to Access Hollywood about her last night in the game – including how she “didn’t have closure” on her vote-out – and shared her reaction to Charlie and Maria’s duo alliance. Jem also explained her decision to keep her beware advantage a secret from her Charlie’s Angels allies, broke down her last-minute task to get her idol, and shed new light on her conversations with Tim and Ben. Plus, she revealed why she won’t be getting the Siga tattoo the tribe joked about at tribal and shared that she “felt betrayed” by how things turned out. “Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.