Survivor 46: Moriah Gaynor Talks ‘Going Out Guns Blazing’ At Tribal, Her ‘Worst Conversation’ With Q

This week on “Survivor,” Nami, Siga and Yanu finally merged – but not before Moriah Gaynor was voted out of the game. Mo spoke to Access Hollywood about “going out guns blazing” at the first cross-tribe tribal council and her decision to reveal how the Jem vote actually went down, including if she thinks sharing that info earlier would’ve made a difference in the result. Plus, she broke down Siga’s strategy to put up a united front going into mergatory and how she sensed the vote might flip on Jem before their previous tribal. Mo also shared her take on her talk with Q and his reaction to her bringing up three-time “Survivor” alum Aubry Bracco, calling their chat “the worst conversation” she’s ever had. “Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.