‘Survivor’: Ben Katzman Reveals Game Details Fans Didn’t See & How A Tiebreak Would’ve Gone

“Survivor’s” 46th season ended on Wednesday, with original Yanu member Kenzie Petty taking home the victory over finalists Ben Katzman and Charlie Davis. Access Hollywood spoke to Ben about his journey to the end, and he shed light on aspects of his game fans didn’t see, including his “gathering of the goats” alliance, strategizing with Q and putting on a fashion show as a smoke screen for the Final 6 blindside. He also reflected on his relationships on the island and the multiple tribemates that had his back through his mental health journey. Plus, he revealed where a theoretical tie-breaking vote would’ve gone and shouted out two “Survivor” alumni who meant a lot to him before and after his journey. “Survivor” returns this fall on CBS.