‘Survivor’: Randen Montalvo Shares Health Update After ‘Very Scary’ Medical Evacuation

This week on “Survivor,” the Nami tribe lost its first member when Randen Montalvo was medically evacuated from the game to get an emergency MRI. Randen spoke to Access Hollywood about the “very scary” situation, detailing what happened when he left the beach, his recovery and where things stand with his health now. The castaway also revealed how he wanted to give his beware advantage to ally Venus Vafa and shared insight on the rules behind pulling off such a move. Plus, Randen reflected on his dynamic with Venus and comparing her to “Survivor” icon Parvati Shallow – something he says he’s since DM’d Parvati to clear the air about. “Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.