‘Survivor’: Soda Thompson & Tim Spicer Break Down Their Blindside Exits & Behind-The-Scenes Details

This week on “Survivor,” the newly merged Nuinui tribe was divided in half for a dramatic split tribal, with two players going home in big blindsides: Tim Spicer and Soda Thompson. Soda spoke to Access Hollywood about her emotional exit – including her initial belief that Venus was behind it – and detailed their complicated and often tense relationship throughout the game. Plus, she broke down her alliance with Tevin, how she viewed him as a social powerhouse like her and revealed how deep she would’ve gone with him in the game. Then, Tim spoke to Access about his own blindside, including the anger and sadness he felt after getting his torch snuffed. He broke down his decision to side with Ben over the plus-one alliance he formed at the journey with Q and Hunter, and he revealed why he named Maria as the person he trusted most when Ben was his closest ally. Plus, Tim shared what he’d change about last week’s merge feast where he named Moriah as the Siga on the chopping block. “Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.