‘Survivor’: Tevin Davis Reacts To ‘Chaotic’ & ‘Shocking’ Live Tribal, Q’s Bombshell & Liz’s Big Move

This week on “Survivor,” Tevin Davis was met with his own blindside, just days after orchestrating Soda Thompson’s. His exit followed a dramatic tribal council, which spiraled into chaos after Q made a pitch to leave the game himself. Access Hollywood spoke to Tevin about all of the drama and strategy that unfolded, including his ally Liz Wilcox’s move to take him out and ride-or-die Hunter McKnight’s efforts to redirect the vote. Plus, he broke down the conflict between him and Venus Vafa and where things stood with them on his final days in the game. Tevin also shed light on his endgame plans and revealed what happened when he reunited with Soda at Ponderosa. “Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.