Suzanne Somers’ Granddaughters Share How She Spent Her Last Days With Husband Alan Hamel (EXCLUSIVE)

Suzanne Somers’ granddaughters, Camelia and Violet Somers, are supporting Alan Hamel as he mourns the actress’ death. “He’s better than we expected,” Violet exclusively told Access Hollywood’s Kit Hoover. “I think it’s been helpful for him to be surrounded by family,” Camelia added before revealing how Suzanne and Alan spent their last moments together. “Until the moment she died he was sitting in bed with her talking for hours. She couldn’t respond verbally but I know she heard, and I think for him it was beautiful because she had lost a lot of her mobility and he was still like kissing her and she would kiss back. It’s beautiful,” she said. The two also revealed the last things they said to their grandmother.