Suzanne Somers Says Survival Instincts ‘Kicked In’ When An Intruder Entered Her Property

Luckily Suzanne Somers was able to stay calm when coming face-to-face with a home intruder as she explained to Kit Hoover and Mario Lopez on Access Daily. The “Three’s Company” star got real about her past with the hosts and said, “I’m a child of an alcoholic and if you survive that, one of the things you learn in survival as a kid is how to react in crisis. You fall apart after, but in crisis you totally get it together, so I think that’s what kicked in all these years later because I’m not like, I don’t have any issues with it.” Suzanne also credited her husband Alan’s presence to her calm demeanor by saying, “I was really happy that Big Al was there because that’s my protector… I’m an old fashioned woman and I like a man to protect me.”