Taiwan Earthquake Rattles News Station During Live Broadcast As Anchor Stays Calm On Air

A Taiwanese news anchor is earning praise for her calm demeanor as the nation’s strongest earthquake in 25 years rattled the studio during a live broadcast. Video from Taiwan’s Set iNews in Taipei shows an on-air reporter delivering a weather segment before earthquake alerts appear on screen. Though cameras caught the 7.4 magnitude quake shaking the newsroom as overhead lights and other set pieces swayed and trembled around her, the anchor kept her composure while informing viewers of the alarming event. Other news personalities were seen continuing their broadcasts throughout the quake as well, which struck near the Hualei district. Social media users flooded comment sections to applaud the anchors for remaining unfazed. Nine people were confirmed dead and hundreds more injured within hours of the quake, which toppled buildings across the island nation. The number of fatalities is expected to rise as authorities continue determining the scope of the damage.