Taylor Swift Calls Out Security Guard While Singing To Defend Fan During Concert

Taylor Swift is coming to her fan’s defense! The pop sensation called out a security guard during her second night in Philly on her Eras tour Saturday. In video captured by other fans, Taylor yells out mid-performance during her hit “Bad Blood” to help out a Swiftie in the audience who was reportedly having trouble with the stadium employee. “She’s fine, she wasn’t doing anything,” Taylor proclaims into her mic. “Hey, stop!” Various clips of the moment have gone viral, leading the person who Taylor stood up for to speak out. On Sunday, Kelly explained what happened in the moment in a TikTok video posted by her friend Caitlin. She even revealed that the “Lover” singer didn’t just protect her, but also gave her and her friends new tickets to the concert for the that night too. Kelly claims the security guard was escorted out after Taylor’s interaction.