Taylor Swift ‘Loved’ Travis Kelce’s Brother Jason After They Met Right Before Viral Shirtless Moment

Jason Kelce knows how to make a first impression! The NFL superstar went viral after ripping off his shirt to celebrate brother Travis Kelce’s touchdown at the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Buffalo Bills on Jan. 21. And the moment turned out to be quite the Swift introduction to Travis’ famous girlfriend! The brothers revealed on their “New Heights” podcast that Taylor Swift hadn’t actually met Jason until they sat together to cheer on Travis and the Chiefs just ahead of Jason’s bold move. Travis confirmed that Tay “loved” his brother and fellow football legend, though not everyone was on board with Jason’s enthusiasm. The athlete admitted that his wife, Kylie Kelce, warned him to be on his “best behavior” while meeting Taylor and said “don’t you dare” when he gave her a heads up about his antics.