‘The Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner Calls Exposé Timing ‘Suspect’: ‘Theresa Knows What the Truth Is’

“The Golden Bachelor” Gerry Turner is weighing in on a recent exposé about his past love life. “The timing is a bit suspect, but the reality is I haven’t really given that a whole lot of thought. I know what the truth is. Theresa [Nist] knows what the truth is,” he told Access Hollywood’s Kit Hoover. “We’re more interested in the right now and the here and all the positives and the fun things we have to do now than looking back on some of that stuff. Really it doesn’t deserve any more attention than that.” Gerry and Theresa do have a lot to celebrate! The pair got engaged on the season finale of “The Golden Bachelor” and the 71-year-old told Access all about the sweet moment in the fantasy suite when he knew she was the one. But even though Gerry and Theresa got their happy ending, watching the show back wasn’t easy. Theresa told Access watching Gerry and Leslie Fhima in the fantasy suite was “difficult.” Speaking of Leslie, Gerry admitted he doesn’t regret telling her that he loved her and talked about her confronting him on “After the Final Rose.” “She deserves every one of those emotions,” he said. Gerry and Theresa will get married in a televised ABC wedding special on Jan. 4.