‘The Golden Bachelor’s’ Gerry Turner Says ‘Birthday Suit’ Contestant Is ‘Burned Into’ His Memory

Gerry Turner is leaning into his role on “The Golden Bachelor.” The reality show lead sat down with Access Hollywood’s Kit Hoover and got candid about his experience on the show. “I failed didn’t I?” he joked of his granddaughters’ no kissing on night one rule. “I’m happy I failed…it wasn’t like I was failing 22 times I think I only failed twice so yeah I’m happy with that.” He also reacted to contestant Teresa showing up in what looked like her birthday suit! “That’s burned into my memory because I’m trying to be a gentleman, right? And so, she [opens her robe] and I literally am trying to not look at her below the chin…it’s like I can’t help, it’s like ‘OK what’s actually there’ so, yeah that one made me really nervous,” he explained. The 72-year-old also teased how he would rank his time on the show from 1 to 10, despite not being able to share his relationship status. “It was a 10 experience, there’s no doubt about it,” he gushed. Gerry also shared the craziest thing he had to do to prep for the show. “I get this call that I have to go immediately to a clinic for an STD test,” he said. “I go ‘really? Right now? I’m sort of on vacation.’”