‘The Last Of Us’: See Bella Ramsay’s Reaction When Asked About Season 2

Bella Ramsay is keeping her lips sealed when it comes to Season 2 of “The Last of Us,” but that didn’t stop her from reflecting on the amazing response they got from Season 1. “It was fascinating. I was surprised by it. Obviously, we knew it was going to be big but just like the amount of like praise and criticism and all of it was just like so immense. It was quite amazing to sort of experience when it first came out,” she told Access Hollywood at the 2023 Annual Gotham Awards. The “Game of Thrones” alum also looked back at her first-time meeting co-star Pedro Pascal and revealed they bonded. “Music ended up being key for us. We ended up just like listening to music. That’s sort of how we got to know each other I guess,” she added.