‘The Traitors’: Parvati On ‘Cat & Mouse Game’ With Peter, Phaedra’s Loyalty & Her Emotional Last Day

This week on “The Traitors,” the Faithfuls caught their second Traitor as Parvati Shallow was banished from the game. The “Survivor” alum broke down her experience in the castle with Access Hollywood, weighing in on the moment she knew she was going home, the emotions she was feeling on her final day and the “turning point” where she wishes she would’ve “stood [her] ground more forcefully.” She also reflected on her and Peter Weber’s “cat-and-mouse game” over the past three episodes and shares her thoughts on him turning down her and Phaedra’s recruitment. Plus, Parvati weighed in on Phaedra’s “excellent” gameplay and loyalty to her fellow Traitors, and she broke down her dynamic with Dan Gheesling and his controversial turn on Phaedra at his final roundtable. New episodes of Season 2 of “The Traitors” air Thursdays at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT on Peacock.