TikTok Star Levi Jed Murphy Reveals New Face After Undergoing 5 Plastic Surgeries At The Same Time

TikTok star Levi Jed Murphy is ready to face a new chapter. The influencer revealed his fresh look weeks after having five plastic surgery procedures at once, sharing with followers that his recovery process has been a long one but he’s happy with the results so far. On Aug. 14, Levi shared on Instagram that his swelling was nearly gone and his scars were fading – an update he called a “massive improvement.” Levi explained that he got a full face lift, temporal brow lift, buccal fat removal, chin lipo and scar revision. Though he now appears to have achieved his vision, the experience wasn’t without its difficulties. In a two-part YouTube vlog chronicling his journey in July, Levi admitted that he was having second thoughts about going under the knife and later shared alarming footage of a hematoma that developed in his face at the hospital. Despite the struggles, Levi healed just in time for a special occasion. On Aug. 27, he rang in his birthday with a sense of humor, pasting a gruesome post-op photo on his forehead while partying at a club.