Tina Turner Never Met Her Two Grandchildren & Five Great-Grandchildren Before Her Death (Report)

Tina Turner’s family members are still mourning her death, even ones she may have never got to meet. The singer passed away at her home in Switzerland on May 24 at 83, but she is not the only Turner family member who recently died. In 2018 and 2022, Tina’s biological sons, Craig Turner and Ronnie Turner, passed away, but she has left behind her two adopted sons, Ike Turner Jr and Michael Turner, whom she shared with her late ex husband Ike Turner. Besides her own children, Tina also leaves behind two grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, all of whom she reportedly never met in her lifetime, according to Page Six. Twanna Turner, who is Ike’s daughter, shared with the outlet that the death was a shock because the family supposedly did not know how sick Tina really was. “No one had heard from Tina in a while, it happened so suddenly. It’s time to heal. The family really wants and needs to heal, they have gone through so much, and they continue to go through so much,” she said.