Tina Turner Reflects On Launching Massive Solo Career In 1997 Interview: ‘I Never Doubted Myself’

Tina Turner was destined for superstardom. Access Hollywood sat down with the late music icon in 1997 for an in-depth discussion about her life and legacy, and she discussed launching her solo career after leaving ex-husband Ike Turner and how she never wavered in her goals even during her lowest points. “I knew I would work again. I must say, I just wanted to be as big as, let’s say, the superstars that’s filling the stadiums and et cetera, and I had kind of put it on hold because I was trying to actually take care of my life,” she said. “And then, when I decided to go back to work, that was the focus. I want to play stadiums. I want to fill stadiums. I never doubted myself because I’ve been performing long enough to know that I’m good at that. That’s all I’ve ever done.”